Chocolate and Icecream from Magnum. What is not to like?

Fellow Foodie Aarthi had sent a mysterious message last week saying "Do you like chocolate and Ice cream? Would you like to attend an event connected to both?" If you know me, you know I would have said yes even before she finished the question.

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Place card on the table
 Thats how I landed up at Ball room of The Hyatt Regency, Chennai on 27th Mach, 2013 in my Friday best! It didn't hurt that it was still Tuesday. We were treated to a High Tea which had some lovely Madeline,  Fruit Tart, Apple Turnover, Crosstini, Spinach Tart, Cheese corn cutlets etc.

The session started with VJ-RJ Cary Edwards introducing Chef Abhiru Biswas who in turn gave an introduction on what to expect in the next one hour or so.

First we were subjected to a taste test of three different chocolates of various levels of milk and chocolate combinations. We had a Belgian with a perfect combination of bitterness, sweetness and texture. Then there was a Swiss version which was on the milkier side and finally a French version who I suppose prefer everything bitter and dark.

We had couple of kids among us even though the event was Adults only. Ahem! One of them was so enthusiastic and answering every question and questioning every answer. Naturally I forgot his name along with the names of everyone I met there.

Without further ado we were given samples of Magnum Classic Icecream, were asked to sit back and relax. Well ofcourse.

Just when we were savoring it, Chef made Cary create a sundae using the Magnum Icecreams and various ingredients available at the spot. Some completely non related ingredients were provided like balck pepper, rosemary, chopped celery stick, black grapes, kiwi, sliced strawberry, hazel nut, star anise, a strawberry sauce, white chocolate sauce and a dark chocolate sauce among others. Now what to make of such ingredients??

I left the job to Maria and Avanthi at our table and went around clicking pictures. I got back in time to taste 'our' creation and take a couple of more spoonfuls! ahem! I went around clicking other's creations. But didn't get to taste any. hmph!

As the event came to a close, the Chef came around to answer our questions and even promised to send over samples of chocolates soon. What a charmer?

If you are interested about Magnum Icecreams, they will be available after April 25th, 2013 at all leading stores. Magnum is introducing its three basic flavors as a trial run. The following will be available in a month.

  1. Classic-Vanilla covered in chocolate shell.
  2. Chocolate truffle-Chocolate ice-cream with chocolate truffle swirls, dipped in Belgian chocolate.
  3. Almond-Vanilla covered with almond chocolate shell.

Priced at Rs.75 each, these bars are totally worth every bite!

(formatting sucks! I have given up!!)

Chocolate Tasting

That is how you enjoy an icecream.


Cary at work and his creation
Wacky ingredients at their best

Everybody's creation. 
Chef fielding our questions

Coming soon at a store near you!


Raj said...

a second on the lips. a lifetime on the hips.

i am not generally a guy to say that, but after 2 months or rigorous eating and studying, i better.

as for magnum, aah well ones gotta eat. :D

Sam Jain said...

pictures of chocolate are so amazing. Overall great job with your post.
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Rajdeep said...

I like choclates n these are looking so delicious...

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