A Chennai Girl's guide to Dating...

Let us start with a Disclaimer, shall we? What all goooood posts start with one... So --> This might apply to dates generally. But hello, I am writing this and I am a Chennai girl. Hence the title. ok? OK!

Chennai as much it is hot, is a beautiful place. If the guy leaves the choice of date to you, think wisely. And don't pick a mall, as much as the idea of spending the day at a Centrally Air-conditioned Mall tempts you to no end.

If it is a simple coffee date, do not pick the same old Cafe Coffee Day. Well hello, you have been sitting at that place almost daily and all the waiters know you and your order. Do yourself a favor and think about Madras Coffee House (T. Nagar), The Madras Kafe (Nungambakkam), Coffee Central (T Nagar), Coffee world (Abhiramapuram), The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Velachery) and so on. Or if you are really adventurous, ride out to ECR towards Kipling cafe.

Heck if the date sucks, you will at least have a good menu to ponder upon. Why should you be stuck with a bad date and a bad coffee??

Eating out:

umm... Eating at a restaurant, yes...

Starve the previous meal!!! please please, do not go pick on your food. What are you trying to do? Save him some bucks?? Go all out and chomp on that Masala dosa! Murder that plate of vazhapoo vada!! Or if you swing the other way, slurp some of that sauce from the chicken wings like you mean it! Carve out good chunk out of your beef steak. I personally like some good Mughalai biriyani, Syrian Beef fry and a lemon soda. Then may be a large serving of Ice cream. Or if there is a dessert buffet, three of everything and the chef on my plate, pretty please with whipped cream and cherry on top!

Digressing, ouch! My relationship with food is a different story, of well.. But yeah, I have learnt that a girl with a good appetite is a huge turn on for guys as much as anything else. Never got the logic behind it, oh well!

Dressing up: 

Not much of a choice here. Chennai climate makes sure that you can't wear layers. And wearing anything shorter will get you raped and I am not even joking here. I simply don't care and wear what I like. Add my quirky sense and you have a laugh riot. There have been instances when I have worn Sweater in May, White sheer kurta on a rainy August day, matched Yellow kurta with bright pink accessories, carried a red handbag and wore my green sneakers!! I am sure Actor Ramarajan would have been proud of me!

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, DO NOT BRING UP BOOKS!! Chances are that his favorite book would be Three mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat. One fellow passionately dissected and explained Two states to me. The delicious grilled chicken sandwich was the only thing that held me from running away.

Another topic to avoid is music. I was happily singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and one fellow said "I JUST LOVE JUSTIN BEIBER". I had to pretend that I went momentarily deaf just to sit there for 20 more minutes.

Stick to weather, the love for Chennai, the latest economic development and anything neutral... If he says, he hates Chennai and its climate, it is time for you run away like a headless chicken. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A CHENNAI HATER, ANYWAYS??

Well anyways, Be yourself. He should know what he is in for, shouldn't he??

And even after all these you do graduate to the mythical second date, sit back and relax, he is a keeper!! 


dEEpz said...

Haha... Love your sense of humour

Clement Williams said...

Had fun with this post. Must post about my firsr date, was a disaster but the Chennai girl handled it very well.

sahi said...

chennai hatters, was the best part!.... i always feel "y should we run away from them!!! let them run away from here..:P :P good post!!

Raj said...

haha. amusing!

but i could never do chennai. i dont hate it or anything, but i really couldnt. for that matter, once you think of it i couldnt do anything but delhi bombay.

oh dear, i have serious issues.

Rohan said...

Epic!! I haven't been to chennai. . But other points i'll keep in mind. . :D

Akilan R said...

Haha. Give some tips for men also no?

Ratzzz said...

@Deepz - Thanks kanna

@Clement - i am guessing that was with your current wife :P

@Sahi - Making them run away involves too much energy ra. not investing that much on the chennai haters :D

@Raj - ahem!! with an epic name as Raj, you shouldn't have any romantic issues.. go find your ki,ki,ki,kiran!!

@Rohan - all the best :P

@aki - pch! that is for u to write no??

Raj said...

wahi to panga hai. no romantic issues. but ye kirna pata nahin kahaan hai. :D

Swetha Shanmugam said...

real funny...pride of Ramarajan, i salute you ;)

Anu said...

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harishkumar84 said...

Wait! This sounds like lot of bad advice!!! ;)

Girls do not listen to this advice, listen to my advice...

Eat little, pick up the check and give money to the guy for auto :D

Nachi said...

you forgot a very important point. if possible, you ask the guy out on a date (and then all the above). now that is something i'd like to see more girls do. ;) ;)

ps: hey!

Deekshanya said...

he hheh ehe.. absolutely funny. loved your chennai-ism ;)


Sudheer Yadav said...

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Sheetal Sharma said...

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Chriz said...

Let us catch up and sing Bohemian Rhapsody sometime soon... I can imitate Freddie's actions and not the voice of course. I am catching up all the old posts and glad that I read this one