Not a come back post...

Seriously, it is not. Given it is me, I am sure, I will forget this page until Google alerts me to renew domain payment. Sigh.

It is interesting how I had blogged religiously when I had a steady 7-6 job (216 posts in 2008) and none when I am running my own business(1 in 2012). Ahem. It's not like I am totally busy and have no time for stuff. It is just that I breathe, live, dream of photographs every minute and written word has lost its charm. Well hello, they don't say 1 picture is worth 1000 words for no reason. Not only my written word, but my spoken words have gone down too. If I talk, it is invariably about some photograph, a concept, or argument with someone on how composition or aperture. (Never mind!) I forget the last time, I had a decent conversation about anything other than photographs. I thought of publishing my photographs here and keep the blog alive, but then what is the point, right? One can see only so much photographs in a day. Mind you not me though. I spent the morning staring at one (ONE!) photograph of a lady and processing it 190 different ways (yes, I  kept count) to figure out which look brought out the color of her eyes.

If there is one thing that I love doing other than clicking images, it is travelling. I usually travel without camera (and regret later on only to forget camera the next time I travel, oh well). Last year, I went to Lepakshi, Chennapatna, Somnathpura, Manali, Vasisht , Hampta Pass, Rohtang Pass, Chandratal, Lahoul & Spiti Valley, Old Delhi, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Mysore, Hosur and Pondicherry. I forget most of the other places and I sure it will occur to me once I publish this post.

2012 saw me travelling so much that I have a packed bag ready in my bedroom. It has my vanity bag, 2-3 sets of travel clothes, travel charger, shawls and jackets. I just throw in my laptop and camera gear and take off on a second's notice.  I was discussing this with a friend of mine whose work involves travelling too, and realized this was fun.

I kicked off many things off my bucket list last year. I walked on snow/ice. The experience was exhilarating. I want to go back to the mountains again and get lost there. I got not one but three tattoos, umm wait, I think it was in 2011. oh well, anyway I have three. I started riding the bike again. Yes over came my phobia!! does a chicken dance. I attended a Ballet recital and a Bharatnatyam recital. Wait a second again, the former was in 2011 and the latter was this year.Sigh! I keep mixing stuff. :\ Though not in my bucket list, I attended n+1 number of concerts, mostly for photography assignments. Also, Best friend started a band and has become a Superstar.There is still hell lot of stuff to be done but I am taking things one at a time. Like writing this post.

P.S: I post my photographs here now - RATZZZ 


Raj said...

liked ur fb page. will keep looking at the photographs for inspiration :)

and business? kiska?

Ratzzz said...

Hey Raj, I run a photography business. that fb page, that is what i do for a living :)


Shonit Amin said...

Hey guys,
Wanted to share some stuff with you. I used Vistaprint for some embroidered t-shirts with logo. Damn impressed. Check it out if you can.

Mohammad jaber said...